Holding Space – Nanango Mental Health Peer Support Group

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Welcome to Holding Space!
We are a group of Nanango residents with Mental Health who recognised that an opportunity to connect with one another face to face for Support and Healing was needed in our community.
Would you, or your team mates benefit from Mental Health support?
“Holding Space” has established protocols and guidelines for it’s face-to-face meetings to create safety for our most vulnerable, so we can talk to and hear one another, establish friendships and support each other thru unity. The group is also supported by a number of qualified volunteers who will assist us to stay on point by facilitating the group.
Our very first face-to-face meet will happen on Tuesday the 6th August 2019!
Holding Space is free to attend and will be from 12.00pm to 1.30pm, every Tuesday at Rapid Fitness, 4 Railway Parade, Nanango, Qld, 4615.
See you there!
Also; If you are interested in becoming a volunteer facilitator, you are welcome to come join us at the face-to-face meeting
(Note: The group is not allied with any religious,  political, government or non-government institution or organisation)

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