nbn waives additional wholesale capacity charges of up to 40 percent for 3 month

nbn local manager, Southern Queensland - nbn

NBN Co will waive charges for additional capacity of up to 40 percent to Retail Service Providers (RSPs) for at least three months to help them support Australian residential and business nbn customers.

The additional capacity pricing relief applies to all fixed line, fixed wireless and satellite nbn technologies.

From Monday 23 March NBN Co offered retailers access to pricing relief for up to 40 per cent more Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity as required to help meet demand over time at no additional cost.

This announcement follows weeks of detailed planning and assessment by nbn’s engineers on the network’s capabilities to effectively meet Australia’s growing broadband requirements as more people choose to spend more time at home working, studying, shopping, and streaming entertainment content.

Visit nbn.com.au/workingfromhome or click on the logo for more information.

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Craig Tunley
Craig Tunley
6 months ago

Encourage everyone to visit the NBN website. Lots of good info and tips for working from home.