South Burnett Regional Council Local Marketplace

Strategic Procurement Coordinator - South Burnett Regional Council

Council has established a local marketplace for non-contracted low risk ad-hoc supply arrangements for business within the South Burnett Region.

If you are interested in supplying goods or services to us you can register your business on Council’s Local Marketplace on Felix for free.

Felix Marketplace is an online procurement system which allows council officers to search, nominate and invite local suppliers to quote.

Felix Marketplace is a great opportunity for local business owners to have their goods and services seen by a new audience.

Registration Process

  1. Go to the Felix Marketplace registration page 
  2. Complete the business profile
  3. Choose the relevant supply categories. Suppliers should select all the categories that best represent the goods and/or services available.
  4. Once registered, council staff can send a request for quote to suppliers when relevant products/services are required
  5. Suppliers can accept and submit a quote response
  6. Council staff will assess the quotations and award to the selected local supplier.
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