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nbn local manager, Southern Queensland - nbn

NBN Co has launched its business nbn™ solution finder, a new online tool designed to help businesses of all sizes understand the type of solution to discuss with their retail service provider.

The business nbn™ solution finder steps businesses through a series of simple questions about their application and data usage, and the level of service support they require, to help identify a wholesale discount business nbn™ bundle that best suits their needs.

NBN Co is now offering service providers four wholesale discount bundles, with a combination of access to high speeds, committed bandwidth and premium service levels at a discounted wholesale charge. The move is designed to deliver savings to retail service providers and assist them to meet the needs of Australian businesses.

NBN Co has undertaken extensive research with Australian businesses and service providers which revealed that most businesses aren’t sure what speed they are on. The research also showed the most important factors for businesses connecting to the nbn™ broadband access network are increased service assurance, high speeds and committed bandwidth.

The business nbn™ solution finder is designed to help businesses understand their needs, making sure they can have the right discussion with their provider about business-grade broadband solutions and ultimately select the right retail solution to keep their business moving.

Try the business nbn™ solution finder or check out the introductory video here .

The wholesale discount bundles and business nbn™ solution finder tool were developed following nbn research of the business market, which found that many businesses are on a residential broadband plan and may not have the right business-grade features to meet their requirements. nbn found that around two thirds of micro businesses (1-4 employees) operate from a residential premises and more than three quarters of those are currently using a residential plan rather than a plan designed for business purposes.

Earlier research conducted for nbn by economics firm AlphaBeta showed that the nbn™ broadband access network is helping create new businesses and support much needed flexibility for workers. By 2021, AlphaBeta estimated between 30,000 and 80,000 additional new businesses created as a result of the nbn™ access network, and up to 47,300 additional people could be using the network to work from home.

Damon Cavalchini

nbn local manager, Southern Queensland - nbn

Damon Cavalchini is the nbn local manager looking after Southern Queensland which includes the Wide Bay Burnett and South Downs areas. When the national broadband network for Australia was created 10 years ago, it was difficult to imagine the technological changes we would witness at work and at home. The nbn™ broadband access network was created to foster productivity and provide a platform for innovation in order to deliver economic and social benefits for all Australians. New economic research shows nbn is impacting the way we work, learn, live and connect. We can now see how connectivity affects Australians through every stage of their lives, no matter where they live.


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