How is your business travelling? (Part 3 of 3)

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

Some great news this week with the Queensland Government reviewing home confinement restrictions and taking a step towards the new normal. In Part 3 of our mini-series looking at how business is travelling, this week a quick review of your business profile and network.

  • What does your online profile look like? A simple online search of your business name or main product/services will give you a good idea of your current position. If your online profile needs improvement, is there a business in your local network that could assist? Check out the local business directories for contact details.
  • Who’s in your network? Check in with business contacts to see how they are working. Have you spoken to your neighbouring businesses and those a footy kick down the street? You may find that despite being in different industries, you share some similar hurdles. Two heads are better than one!

A good path forward would be to include your activity from this week in the review of your actions from the past two weeks. This should be used to create your basic recovery plan and get you on the road to recovery.

If you want to investigate some science behind recovery planning, you might look at Destination Think’s blog, specifically scenario planning for destination marketing.  This article references McKinsey & Company’s Strategy under uncertainty, which looks at the four levels of residual uncertainty and strategy across these levels.  These articles give some insight into how action now can enable growth.

Practice strict social distancing while enjoying South Burnett’s great outdoors with your household this weekend.

Craig Tunley

Senior Economic Development Officer, South Burnett Regional Council

Craig Tunley

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

With over 20 years of Local Government experience across regional QLD, I manage South Burnett Regional Council's Economic Development Department. I am a creative person, enjoy a cup of coffee and have the best range of socks. I am passionate about the power of sharing your story and the opportunity that can be realised across the South Burnett region by having a positive conversation about your business, the community and the regional economy. Applying principles learnt through Scouts (Plan-Do-Review), I lead a team that is always learning, laughs often and celebrates success.

South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

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