Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program

Economic Development Officer - Business South Burnett

Women in agriculture with an ambition to shape the future of Australia’s food and fibre industry are invited to apply for the National Farmers’ Federation’s 2019 Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program.

The Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program provides applicants with a six-month one-on-one mentorship and the opportunity to be a part of an alumni of female agriculture leaders.

NFF President, Fiona Simson, the Federation’s first female president, said like many industries, agriculture had ‘work to do’ to realise gender equality and the benefits that flow.

“Over generations, in line with societal change, women have forged careers in all agriculture-related fields from agronomy and education to finance and marketing.

“However, in the senior executive and board level ranks of many of the organisations I observe, there remains a lack of female voices.

“In fact, women comprise 41% of the agricultural workforce but only 18% of management roles and 2.3% of CEO positions.”

Apply now

Deadline extended: Applications now close on Monday 1 April 2019.

To be eligible for Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program, applicants must be 25 years or over.


Kristy Board

Economic Development Officer - Business South Burnett

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Mission Statement
Business South Burnett is the Business Growth component of the Economic Development branch of Council.
Our Mission is to foster collaboration within the South Burnett Business community, stimulate the further development and capacity of South
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• Expose business to opportunities for learning
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