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Economic Development Officer - Business South Burnett

In August 2017, South Burnett Regional Council adopted the 2020 South Burnett Regional Economic Development Strategy. Council immediately took the Strategy on the road through a series of presentations covering the entire region, defining the components of the Strategy and how individuals,  businesses and groups in the region could assist in implementation.

The 2020 South Burnett Regional Economic Development Strategy is unique. It is one page, double-sided and easily drawn on a scrap of paper, freehand.  It has three components which are presented pictorially and headline goals which are highly aspirational.  The 2020 South Burnett Regional Economic Development Strategy is not designed to be informing regional economic development for a long period of time but rather define the activity that will enable current and future economic development.  The Strategy is simple and concise yet still contains sufficient information that ensure it is referenced often by those who ‘use’ it.

Within the 2020 South Burnett Regional Economic Development Strategy, Council has also identified Action Plans for the Visitor Economy and Business Growth components, generating actions that support achievement of the headline goals. In each instance, these Action Plans help to guide actions of Council staff and implementation of resources internal to Council.

In order to achieve the aspirational headline goals and get the most out of the 2020 South Burnett Regional Economic Development Strategy, implementation of simple actions by individuals across the region is required. Defined in the September 2017 presentation, these actions are:

  1. Have a positive conversation about your business, community and the regional economy.
  2. Apply a new skill.
  3. Share your story.

These actions can be completed by any individual, regardless of education levels, bank account balance, experience in business or influence in the regional economy. These actions, completed by one person, make a difference to that person and their immediate surrounds.  These actions, completed by many, create a ripple effect which multiplies the outcome and initiates real economic change.  Positive change.

The South Burnett regional economy is shifting, with market activity increasing on the back of major and minor investment. New information sources are live and programs and workshops supporting business development are being delivered through a variety of agencies.  Simple actions, implemented often, will multiply the outcomes.  In 2019, realise individual, business and economic growth by implementing these actions.

Kristy Board

Economic Development Officer - Business South Burnett

Vision Statement
A region rich in collaborative and sophisticated businesses, fostering innovation for a prosperous South Burnett.
People in Business, People Working together, People making it better.

Mission Statement
Business South Burnett is the Business Growth component of the Economic Development branch of Council.
Our Mission is to foster collaboration within the South Burnett Business community, stimulate the further development and capacity of South
Burnett Businesses and engage and collaborate with South Burnett Business Development Groups.

• Expose business to opportunities for learning
• Create programs supporting business development
• Deliver new information relevant to business
• Collaboration with Regional and Town based Business Development Groups
• Sharing of positive South Burnett businesses stories to increase business confidence and promote the region
• Celebrate high achieving businesses
• Provide pathways for market readiness
• Support South Burnett Directions defined projects and advocacy initiatives

Business South Burnett

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