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FARMERS OF ALL KINDS, it’s time you caught up on the latest news!!

Maleny Dairies trials are growing fantastically!! To see cows getting such a increase in quantities & qualities of milk is finally some great news for the Dairy sector.  It was a relief for myself when we saw our breeders with MUCH fuller udders while still feeding their big calves, so imagine how much relief the  Dairy Farmers must be feeling now, after seeing the results so early into the trial that IS quickly going ahead at Maleny Dairy!!

Having been advised by the team to use Rural Boss with it’s Minerals & Nitrifying Bacteria along with the  many bacteria included, they planted a Multi Species of forage plants WITHOUT the need for  adding Nitrogen of any sort. The Dairy Managers soon saw working cost savings adding up quickly, especially when they were also now saving over $1000 a week on feed bills which they were making after only 45 days. The cows milking rates rose from 1 – 4 lts of a better quality milk which is the best bonus of all for Maleny Dairy, but mind you,……. that was their aim in the first place,……… increase their profits!!

The Maleny Dairy is NOT “going to need a bigger boat”, but I do feel they ARE going to “need bigger milk vats”!!

REMEMBER, be it in Broad Acre, or your garden, RURAL BOSS is your answer!!  It’s quite simple really, but just looking & seeing worms does not mean you have healthy soil, so firstly how healthy is it?? Do you keep adding more synthetic fertilizer each time you plow to plant??  This product of ORGANICS makes life & your work load simpler, cutting out risks of contamination!!  Want to learn more…….keep reading.

# A ORGANIC liquid, that repairs your soil, saving your water profile & watering costs. Being harmless to use in all your surrounds, you greatly reduce the risk of Chemical run-off in the waterways resulting from the work of the Microbial bacteria which will clean up the chemical residue having already been placed in the soil.

# Be relieved that spending days & nights in a tractor plowing in the fertilizers with the risk of it not being utilized are over & you don’t have to wait for the rain to get started!!

# Be confident that you will get your moneys worth in Rural Boss, a unique Soil Rejuvenating Fertilizer. The days of unhealthy crops will be considerably reduced for you by seeing healthier ones with a better, more stronger direct root system  which can now grow with less stress having the ability to utilize the extra minerals, nitrogen & increased moisture profile provided.  This cost effective, Concentrated Spray, is easy to apply, a product which will increase your Crop Quality & Yields, reducing the costs & finally boosting your back pocket.

RURAL BOSS:     * Get back to basics, work from the ground up by using 100% Australian, Organic product which will continually rejuvenate your soil through Bio-Stimulation saving yourself the need for many other products to be added, & a lot of work to go with it.   *Have bound up collections of Synthetic inputs Released & dispelled.   *Deliver a balanced form of nutrients with a complete range of beneficial bacteria.   *Relax knowing this is a safe, pH Neutral product that provides the plants with an immediate supply of acceptable nutrients where benefits can be seen quickly from the process of Photosynthesis.   *Microbial activity is rapidly increased producing a sustainable &  healthier soil, allowing you to reap the rewards from of the natural product  increasing the health in your plants creating a resistance to pests, disease & climatic variations. This allows you to enjoy the benefits  Greater Yields, & higher PROFITS with rapid returns on your outlays after harvesting earlier & for longer.

QUITE SIMPLY,  By using Rural Boss, you can be proud you are providing a product with increased flavors & nutritional values in whatever you grow which will naturally have a extended shelf life because of the increased health!!

Farmers, you can now relax knowing that this simple solution of repairing your damaged soil can still happen while you work, & you do not need to keep it locked up while it repairs. Let the repairing happen right before your eyes, even while they are closed.  RURAL BOSS makes light work in such a big job. For greater growth in your products & profits, take that step & give me a call so I can help you to get started, to learn how “the old ways are not always the best any more”     Why Miss Out??  it will be your new “best friend”.


Lindi Pott

Agent for Rural Boss, of BOSS Australia. - RURAL BOSS

Let me help you, farmers & gardeners of all kinds, to improve your soil health, moisture profile, & the health & yields of what you grow. Sadly, I'm finding many farmers are recognizing they have poor soil but keep adding extra synthetic fertilizers for the same yields where they could be easily increasing their profits with less work but aren't game to give a somewhat unknown but PROVEN product with great testimonies, a go!!

I am a Grazier, but now happily a Rural Boss Agent as well, a friendly one "who likes to tell it as it is". I enjoy telling of our experiences & seeing faces light up, hearing the sudden interest & intrigue in the farmers & gardeners voices, & then helping them design a plan on improving their soil, reducing the workload which in turn increases their profits.

We chose Rural Boss being the most natural & economical way to improve our land & production levels. RB alone provided us with an INCREASED MOISTURE PROFILE, a SUPERIOR CROP, PASTURE & ANIMAL HEALTH, where it even gave our cows a much increased quality in their milk supply for their large calves that were ready to be weaned , which provided us with a bonus, i.e. "GREATER WEIGHTS SO PROFITS"!
Rural Boss was a easy choice!! For us, it was a case of why plow day-in & day-out when Microbes can open it up for you while you're sleeping?? It sounds too good to be true, but it is as easy as it seems & IT DOES WORK!! It really has blown us away on how well it works.
Please, let myself & the BOSS team help you reduce your expenses & increase your profits by simply improving the health of the soil!! Give me a call, we are happy to come to you for a yarn:)

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