How is your business travelling?

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

Continuing our series looking at how your business is travelling, this week focusses on your business market – supply and demand.

  • Speak with your suppliers. Do you source product from countries that are in lockdown? Are there any constraints in your local supply chain – transport, wholesalers, continuity of supply, price changes? Are minimum order requirements constraining cash flow? If you are experiencing constraints or change, please report these to Council’s Economic Development Office. This information is kept confidential and generalised to inform reporting for higher level Government response.
  • How are you communicating with your customers? If you don’t have a customer database, are you able to generally communicate with customers through ongoing advertising? What key messages are you sharing with your customers? Business QLD’s online resources is a great place to start.

While these actions may seem basic, it is surprising how many businesses will not communicate with suppliers and/or customers through a disaster. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what to say or key messages.  Best advice is don’t overcomplicate your communication or K.I.S.S – Keep It Super Simple.

Your message doesn’t have to read like a book, simply share what you are doing, what times you are open, how you are looking after your staff or customers who visit and changes that you have made.

If you look at what you have done already over the past six weeks, it might be easier to plan what you do next.  Celebrate milestones by sharing your story. Consider using some of the tools at Business QLD or My Business Health for further assistance.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just business.

Craig Tunley

Senior Economic Development Officer, South Burnett Regional Council

Craig Tunley

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

With over 20 years of Local Government experience across regional QLD, I manage South Burnett Regional Council's Economic Development Department. I am a creative person, enjoy a cup of coffee and have the best range of socks. I am passionate about the power of sharing your story and the opportunity that can be realised across the South Burnett region by having a positive conversation about your business, the community and the regional economy. Applying principles learnt through Scouts (Plan-Do-Review), I lead a team that is always learning, laughs often and celebrates success.

South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

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