South Burnett’s premier food industry conference grows our food region

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

Informed by industry, Food Horizon’s is South Burnett’s premier food industry conference. Over three days (31 March – 2 April), Food Horizon will bring together food growers, producers and creators, redefining South Burnett as a food region.

First held in 2018, Food Horizon has been critical in developing the South Burnett’s food production capability and capacity.  Through a range of groups, food businesses have been able to work together and leverage relationships, increasing the size and diversity of food related activity in the South Burnett region.  Access to local produce in the interim has improved and there is a higher awareness of the diversity of local food products in the region.

Food Horizon 2020 continues to focus on connecting food businesses, encouraging value adding and diversification.  A program that includes industry tours, insight to food trends, utilisation of local produce and engagement with high quality guest speakers, Food Horizon is expected to inspire food business expansion in the South Burnett.

Business South Burnett will host the conference with support from Brisbane Marketing through their Future Food Initiative.  Participation in the Future Food Initiative has enabled local businesses to build, scale and grow through a variety of education and industry development programs.   South Burnett Regional Council has supported the Future Food Initiative since 2018.

Food Horizon 2020 will mainly be held at Kingaroy TAFE, visiting farms and food processing facilities.  Tickets are available for each of the Conference components (Study Tours, Welcome Function, Conference, Master Classes) through South Burnett Tickets.

As a new decade commences, South Burnett is well positioned to deliver more from its rich resources and take advantage of its strategic location.  Defined through investment activity, industry development, festivals and farmers, South Burnett’s future is food, just as it has been our past.

Tickets for Food Horizon can be purchased online at

Craig Tunley

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

With over 20 years of Local Government experience across regional QLD, I manage South Burnett Regional Council's Economic Development Department. I am a creative person, enjoy a cup of coffee and have the best range of socks. I am passionate about the power of sharing your story and the opportunity that can be realised across the South Burnett region by having a positive conversation about your business, the community and the regional economy. Applying principles learnt through Scouts (Plan-Do-Review), I lead a team that is always learning, laughs often and celebrates success.

South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

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