Statewide Recovery Plan released

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

Queensland has commenced economic recovery activity this week and has a renewed focus on jobs.  Unite and recover for Queensland jobs responds to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic.

The Strategy guides Queensland’s recovery through key principles. They are:

  • Adapt to build a more resilient and dynamic economy.
  • Invest in productive infrastructure for the future.
  • Build our regions by leveraging Queensland strengths.
  • Create the environment for business confidence and investment.
  • Support Queensland communities to be healthier and more united.

The first phase includes plans to invest in vital infrastructure, accelerate activity, support industries and enable future growth.

South Burnett Regional Council has contributed shovel ready project ideas to the Queensland Government before the Recovery Plan was released this week.  From this action, we know that for our region, jobs are generated from building construction activity.  The employment multiplier for building construction is 2.6, meaning that for every job in building construction, a further 2.6 jobs are generated in the regional economy. The Construction industry also has over 350 businesses that employ less than 20 people, providing a lot of scope for economic activity.

While any expenditure in the regional economy is welcome, we know that investment in building construction generates a positive effect, delivering economic growth.

How are you helping to rebuild the regional economy?

Craig Tunley

Senior Economic Development Officer, South Burnett Regional Council

Craig Tunley

Economic Development and Tourism in South Burnett region - South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

With over 20 years of Local Government experience across regional QLD, I manage South Burnett Regional Council's Economic Development Department. I am a creative person, enjoy a cup of coffee and have the best range of socks. I am passionate about the power of sharing your story and the opportunity that can be realised across the South Burnett region by having a positive conversation about your business, the community and the regional economy. Applying principles learnt through Scouts (Plan-Do-Review), I lead a team that is always learning, laughs often and celebrates success.

South Burnett Regional Council/South Burnett Directions

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