TRADIE TUESDAY! Hansen Kitchens – A reputation for excellence

Economic Development Officer - Business South Burnett

Juggling a young family with the demands of full-time work is something many people relate to, but it can seem more daunting when you work for yourself.

Clinton and Michelle Hansen took a very deliberate approach when building their business to make sure there was flexibility built in to support their family values.

When making the decision to work for themselves, they consciously chose to take the long road, supplementing their income with contract work in the early days, but always balancing work and family life.

A key to this balance was the decision to work from home, setting up the workshop and office on the family property, allowing a fluid exchange between work and family.  Making sure the business didn’t take over family was an important goal from the beginning.

With no budget for marketing, they chose to focus on client satisfaction and to develop a reputation for excellence.  Self-confessed perfectionists, the couple built a strong foundation through continually meeting and exceeding customer expectations and this translated into more business.

These days Clinton and Michelle employ a small team, who share their values and commitment to superior workmanship and service.  It’s no accident that when a Hansen Kitchens customer speaks to any staff member about their project, they will receive the same attention to detail and understanding of the job, no matter who they talk to.  Everyone is on the same page.

The Hansen’s see their team – their work-family – as a vital element of the business. Placing value on the team, trusting them and getting their buy-in has helped to create a culture in which people can grow and see how their work contributes to a successful outcome.

They also set up specific systems and processes to eliminate potential for problems or stress points in a project and to allow everyone on the team to see where the project is at any given time, ensuring consistent information at every stage.

This framework supports the advice they offer to other families looking to start a business:  Start with the end in mind, focus on making the client happy and let your reputation do your marketing for you.

Clinton and Michelle say looking back at their time in business they consider their best achievement as making the business profitable, having a good reputation that affords them plenty of work and most importantly providing stable employment opportunities for others.

If you would like to take part in #tradietuesday please email Council’s Economic Development Officer –

Kristy Board

Economic Development Officer - Business South Burnett

Vision Statement
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Mission Statement
Business South Burnett is the Business Growth component of the Economic Development branch of Council.
Our Mission is to foster collaboration within the South Burnett Business community, stimulate the further development and capacity of South
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• Expose business to opportunities for learning
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Business South Burnett
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