Women in Business Wednesday – Skye Douglas, HighBrit Beef

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Skye’s interest in food and food provenance probably began in earnest when her son was diagnosed with anaphylactic food allergies at 12 months of age. “I’d always had an interest in ethical, sustainable eating, but this revelation changed not only our diet, but our way of life” Skye said. “Removing multiple allergens from the entire diet of our family was no easy feat. I began searching for as many farm direct, low input food options as I could, and in particular, I was looking for ethically produced, pastured meats. I realised that they were hard to come by. The beef that we were able to produce on our farm was table-ready, grass fed and finished beef with no grain inputs. We’d considered direct selling to customers for a decade or more, but now we had our distinct niche and point of difference”.

Skye and her husband are both interested in natural farming methods and have undertaken biological farming courses to help them understand regenerative approaches to soils in their farming approach. Skye also has an environmental science degree with Honours and a Grad. Dip. in Environmental Management. Along with her husband’s whole of life experience and with three generations of cattle grazing and butchering knowledge behind them, they knew they had the right cattle, the right paddocks, and the ability to bring an excellent quality product direct to customers. “We are able to finish cattle on our grass, providing a genuine, grass fed beef that has excellent flavour and marbling. Our customers have told us it is the best beef that they have ever eaten, and it feels amazing to be able to provide them with such a well-regarded product” Skye said proudly.

Highbrit Beef have steadily grown their customer numbers and have now leased a premises locally to have more control over the processing and packaging of their product. Skye said “this is important for quality control and we would love to be able to offer this service to other paddock to plate producers as well.  It is important in our business model that we provide our customers with transparency in the production of their food. Our open days on farm for customers assists with this. We supply our beef by boxed weight (not hung/carcass weight) packs that make up a whole body. We also encourage whole body eating through supporting our customers to eat and experiment with offal, broths, tallow and bones”.

In addition to their beef, Skye became aware that customers were looking for a whole range of ethically, sustainably produced meats and sourced local South Burnett farmers who have the same ethics, approach and care for their animals that they do. Highbrit Beef now also supply pastured pork (Tooka-While Pigs), pastured lamb (Firebreak Lamb) and pastured chicken (Fraser Farms Chickens) on a regular basis. They have formed a group arrangement with these other local farmers so that they are able to deliver all of their meats to homes throughout SE QLD.

“The South Burnett is an exciting place to live and work within” Skye said. “The food sector, including farm direct food, is really developing into a dynamic, diverse and innovative area of business to be involved with. We are proud to say that we supply our products within and outside of the South Burnett, helping to showcase some of the wonderful produce that the region can offer”.

After completing the South Burnett Community Leadership Program, Skye realized how connected they can all be throughout the region and how that can be a powerful, strong force to developing and sustaining business.

“There are many exciting things happening for us, but I feel like being able to run a business, study/work, meet volunteer commitments and have a family is a big personal achievement. My children make me proud as they show their determination, resilience and work ethic, so I feel like they are a pretty great achievement too!  Support from my family as well as lots of hard work, resolve, resilience and an attitude of continued, life-long learning has gotten me to where I am today.”

Skye’s advice to other women in business –

  • Be true to yourself and what you want to achieve
  • Above all, have integrity in who you are and what you do

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