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Jobmatch Employment works with people in receipt of a Disability Support Pension, New Start Allowance or other Centrelink benefits who wish to, or are required to work. Access to our service is by either direct registration or referral from Centrelink. Our aim is to match a willing worker into an area that best suits their interests, skills and experience. Our trained & qualified staff assist with on the job instruction and support to ensure that production is maximized and that the employer, employee and other staff are well supported.

Jobmatch Employment provides a range of professional services to employers and can help to identify areas where assistance may be required. We can assist with identifying jobs within your business that may be suitable for a person with a disability, interviews and shortlisting, inductions, on the job support and ongoing training. These services are provided free of charge.

Statistics show that people with disabilities who are provided with the correct initial instruction and support have less absenteeism and equal to or above average production and safety records as a person without a disability.
Our experienced staff are able to work with you to understand your business and then provide training and mentoring to your new staff member to ensure they have a sound understanding of what is required of them in their new position. Our partnership with you as an employer builds on important resources - your expertise in your business and the skill of our experience

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