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James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd has a wide rage of industrial services they offer:
Industrial and commercial type A and B gas systems up to a massive 50 Gj/h
MAJOR Industrial Type B gas installations and commissioning above 50 Gj/h
Industrial gasfitting
Commercial gasfitting
All type B appliance submissions
Type B gas appliance approval authority for Queensland (Justin Giles).
Un-odourised gas risk assessments (Justin Giles).
Gas system, appliance & Plant risk assessments.
Designing, installing, removing, altering, relocating, testing, servicing, maintaining and certifying all type A and B gas appliances and systems up to a massive 50 Gj/h.
Bio-Gas systems, flares and appliances.
Hydrogen gas systems and appliances.
Co2 gas systems.
Other special gases.
Industrial Electrical work.
Switchboard and control designing & building.
Industrial plumbing and drainage work.
Pressure welding up to the G6 Position.
Poly welding for gas, plumbing and drainage systems.
Stainless steel plumbing, drainage and gas systems.
Steam lines, manifolds, chests and other steam systems.
Designing, installing and commissioning of all compressed air systems
Spray chilling systems.
Hotwater plants.
Drain camera inspections for large industrial centres.
All boiler five weekly, three monthly and 12 monthly inspections and services
Camera inspections for boiler and boiler tubes
Boiler tube cleaning


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Key Contacts

Justin Giles - Industrial Gasfitter, Industrial Gas Appliance certifier
Industrial Gasfitting, Industrial gas appliance certification
James Giles - Industrial Plumbing Specialist
Industrial Plumbing