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Maidenwell - Home of the Sauce Man

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Maidenwell Trading Post is a Convenience Store, Cafe, we Serve Fuel and Home of The Sauce Man.
The Sauce man products are produced on site and made from local, in-season products.

The Sauce Man products consist of Pickled Vegetables/ Onions/Eggs, Pickles, Sauces, Vinaigrette's, Relishes, Jams, Marmalade's, Glazes, Pastes, Chutneys and Cordial, as well as Frozen Meals. We make over 220 products and are continuously making more.

We have people that travel far and wide to come to experience our Home-made Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls and our delicious Baked Goods that are handmade daily on site.

Maidenwell Trading Post is in Maidenwell, the gateway to the Bunya Mountains.

Come in and enjoy our beautiful Tim Adams Chipola Project Coffee with your all-day breakfast or lunch options. Try one of our products from the tasting table; perhaps purchase some locally made Black Garlic, Fudges, Honey, Olives, Peanuts or Mad Scents products.


90 578 832 634

Key Contacts

John Whitley - Owner

Nigel Squibb - Owner

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