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RURAL BOSS, Agriculture's Solution to being more Sustainable.

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FROM ONE GROWER TO ANOTHER, use RURAL BOSS. It's as good as it sounds. After you've had a read, add up your usual expenses, give it a go, & then watch the profits grow!!
A Unique Organic Liquid Fertilizer with live Microbes, balancing the poorest of soils, rehabilitating it well increasing your productivity levels. Watch your soil continually regenerate through Bio-stimulation! It provides greater: moisture retention, root systems, stem strength, nutrient levels allowing higher milk production, superior crops, yields, pasture, animal health & fertility giving rapid returns for our outlays. KEY BENEFICIAL POINTS of USING RURAL BOSS:
*A Foliage spray of PH Neutral nutrients available for plant absorption via Photosynthesis, or via any watering system working toward optimum output creating outstanding results.
*Disruption of the soil is NOT required to apply on: plants, veggies, tree crops, forage crops or grasses, just "spray & walk away"
*Water is NOT required for activation, but moisture is beneficial for the rejuvenation process where Microbes naturally open the soil allowing increased moisture retention, saving much machinery work, precious water & irrigation power costs.
* Applying Rural Boss removes the need for extra Nitrogen in the soil with the presence of Nitrifying Microbes that work in the soil for you.
* Improved plant health naturally increases resistance to pests reducing the use of chemicals.
* Have reassurance knowing chemical residue is being cleaned up by the bacteria reducing harmful chemical run-off into waterways.
* Watch Milk lactations, quality & supply in Dairy Cows & Breeders rise dramatically, resulting from the cows consuming higher nutrient levels, improving animal health & fertility, all further increasing profits.
* CONTRIBUTE to carbon farming, adding an average of 1500-2000mg/L of pure carbon to your soil.
* Lastly, reap rewards, prepare to Harvest earlier & longer giving you more bang for your buck!


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