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September 2, 2021

nbn is continuing its commitment to help level the playing field for Australian businesses through our nbn™ Business Fibre Initiative. From 20 September, internet providers servicing businesses across nbn’s fixed line network across the Wide Bay Burnett region will be able to access discounts on the wholesale pricing of an nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service. Eligible…

August 23, 2021

nbn is looking for eligible users to participate in the Australian Government’s Alternative Voice Services Trials Program. The purpose of the trial is to test alternative technologies to provide voice services via participating service providers to Australians in regional and remote areas. Trial participants will receive: a voice service from a participating service provider for…

July 23, 2021

Do your staff have to perform Physical Duties as part of their work role? What it means to employ healthy and fit staff? Less absenteeism More Productivity Better Team Building Positive Mind Set Happier and Healthier Workforce Longer staff retention Show your team you care about their wellbeing Avoid claims against you! Essential Health Services…

July 1, 2021

A property owner has many deductions at their finger tips but one deduction that many owners don’t consider is depreciation. When a new asset is purchased for a rental or commercial property then it would usually need to be depreciated over a number of years, but what about the existing assets and buildings on the…

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Healthcare & Medical Services

Salus Group Sleep Centre

  • Education
  • Equipment Repairs
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Healthcare & Medical Services

Qld Emergency Medical Services

  • Event Support
  • On Site Support
  • Pre-employment Assessment
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Education & Training

First Aid Instruction & Services

  • Accredited Training Provider
  • Certified First Aid Courses
  • Fire and Evacuation Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Training
  • First Aid Kits and Checks
  • First Aid Supplies
  • First Aid Training
  • OHS Training
  • Skills Training and Education
  • Training Workshops
  • Workplace Training
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