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Business Owner Boardroom – “Plan Your Future”

20 August 2019, Tuesday
7:00 am - 8:30 am


To find out where your business will be in 2-3 years time… ask yourself the following question:

“2-3 years ago, did you want to be where you are now?”

Your answer may tell you if your Future equals ‘more of the same’ or something different…

An IDEAL business will provide you with ALL THREE of these…

  1. Solid Income… so you’re well paid for what you do
  2. Time Freedom… so you’re not tied to your business 24/7
  3. Enough Scale… so it looks like the right size of business that you had in mind…

To build an ‘Ideal Business’ means getting to work on 9 Key Projects in your business where money is either made, or lost…

So! in this Business Owner Boardroom:

  • We’ll unpack the 9 Key Projects… so you know what each of them are
  • You’ll choose the top 3… that will give you the best improvements
  • You’ll walk out with a Workbook… that includes the strategies to work on

Why Local Business Owners are attending Business Owner Boardroom…

  1. To Re-focus: on what your business owes you
  2. To Re-energize: with other owners solving business challenges
  3. To Re-commit: to building your Ideal Business with Income, Freedom and Scale

Get your tickets below to book a seat at our next boardroom event… (and bring along another business owner friend you so you can challenge each other to make it happen!)

8 business owners… sometimes less sometimes more

90 minutes… to produce a plan to work on your business

Limited seats… these are small events so please book your seat asap

Boarding Office Club Hotel
Level 1, 74-84 Currie Street
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