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Latest Expert Articles

Monthly Tax Tip – Vaccinations

January 11, 2022

Monthly tax tip: Vaccinations have been a hot topic lately and we have been answering a number of questions surrounding deductibility as there is a lot of confusion with this expense. Vaccinations are considered a private expense and therefore cannot be claimed as a tax deduction (even if it’s required by your employer/industry). Vaccination incentives…

Important Christmas Tax Tips

December 1, 2021

Monthly tax tip: It’s that time of year again to talk about the tax implications of Christmas gifts given to employees and clients/customers. If you are hoping to provide gifts to your staff this year then the best tax outcome is to give non-entertainment based gifts that cost less than $300 per employee as the…

Christmas tips for small business owners

November 1, 2021

The end of the calendar year is nearing and of course that means Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner! If you are an employer than now is the time to start considering staff parties, bonuses, gifts and most importantly – time off. Although an end of year bonus or physical gift might…

October Tax Tip & Lodgement Dates

October 1, 2021

Monthly tax tip: Staff expenses and amenities are often a point of confusion for business owners when it comes to deductibility – so let’s look at what can actually be claimed and what is often accidentally claimed. Amenities for staff can include toiletries and hygiene expenses, water, food and drinks. These expenses are deductible but…

Latest Businesses

Legal Services

Slater and Gordon Hervey Bay Lawyers

  • Employment Law
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Services
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
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Financial and Insurance Services

Avid Insurance Brokers

  • Boat Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Caravan Insurance
  • Construction Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Home and Contents insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Products
  • Motor Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
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Building, Construction & Trades

Nete Bidet Seat Attachments Co., Ltd

  • Bathrooms
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Newest Projects

Local Government

South Burnett Regional Council Local Marketplace

Council has established a local marketplace for non-contracted low risk ad-hoc supply arrangements for business

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Manufacturing Supply Chain Support Notification of Expressions of Interest (EOI's)

The Queensland Government is supporting Queensland manufacturers and businesses with their resilience and recovery strategies

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Building, Construction & Trades

Request for Tenders for Pre-Qualified Supplier Panels

Council is refreshing the register of Pre-Qualified suppliers to facilitate effective coordination of repeat contractor

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