Lindi Pott

Agent for Rural Boss, of BOSS Australia.


Let me help you, farmers & gardeners of all kinds, to improve your soil health, moisture profile, & the health & yields of what you grow. Sadly, I'm finding many farmers are recognizing they have poor soil but keep adding extra synthetic fertilizers for the same yields where they could be easily increasing their profits with less work but aren't game to give a somewhat unknown but PROVEN product with great testimonies, a go!!

I am a Grazier, but now happily a Rural Boss Agent as well, a friendly one "who likes to tell it as it is". I enjoy telling of our experiences & seeing faces light up, hearing the sudden interest & intrigue in the farmers & gardeners voices, & then helping them design a plan on improving their soil, reducing the workload which in turn increases their profits.

We chose Rural Boss being the most natural & economical way to improve our land & production levels. RB alone provided us with an INCREASED MOISTURE PROFILE, a SUPERIOR CROP, PASTURE & ANIMAL HEALTH, where it even gave our cows a much increased quality in their milk supply for their large calves that were ready to be weaned , which provided us with a bonus, i.e. "GREATER WEIGHTS SO PROFITS"!
Rural Boss was a easy choice!! For us, it was a case of why plow day-in & day-out when Microbes can open it up for you while you're sleeping?? It sounds too good to be true, but it is as easy as it seems & IT DOES WORK!! It really has blown us away on how well it works.
Please, let myself & the BOSS team help you reduce your expenses & increase your profits by simply improving the health of the soil!! Give me a call, we are happy to come to you for a yarn:)

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