Jo Berry

Marketing and Sales


Joanne Berry has been in the Tourism Industry in one capacity or another since leaving school in 1989.
Jo went to the University of Technology Sydney and received a Bachelor in Leisure Studies, Tourism. With this she worked for several years at the Sydney Convention and Visitors Bureau as a Sales Liaison. Her role focused on promoting the tourism business members to prospective Professional Conference Organisers in the form of famils and trade shows.
In her tourism experience she has had many years of working face-to-face with the consumer, waitressing and assisting in her family’s businesses which were always tourism based. Her parents owned a café and then Management Rights, which Jo worked and keenly learned the businesses.
She moved to Kingaroy in the 2004 to work in the next family business, the Big 4 Caravan Park on Walter Road. At this time, Kingaroy’s tourism was booming. Jo was involved in marketing and sales of the park and by extent the South Burnett Region as a whole.
It was during this time in Kingaroy that she met Simon Berry. They moved to live and work in Brisbane and raised a family.
Jo has recently moved back to Kingaroy with her young family to manage her husbands’ family’s vineyard/winery, Kingsley Grove Estate. She has taken the role of Sales & Accounts Manager and along with her husband Simon (General Manager & Winemaker) is responsible for the sales and marketing of Kingsley Grove Estate.
Jo is very passionate about Kingsley Grove and the South Burnett and knows that the success of her business depends greatly on the success of the region as a destination for tourism. Jo is very interested in contributing to the tourism committees in the South Burnett that are responsible for reviving our struggling tourism industry to its former glory days.

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